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Why Your Kids Should Consider a Career in Construction

When you think of construction as a potential career choice for your child you may think back to those old photos of men building skyscrapers, sitting on beams with nothing keeping them from falling to the ground. But you would be happy to know that the field of construction has progressed immensely since the early 1900s. Now the construction industry is made up of intelligent hard working individuals making an excellent living for their families in safe and secure conditions.

The Benefits

There are plenty of benefits to working in the construction industry. For starters, there is the inherent nature of the job. Construction is not easily outsourced nor can you replace these jobs with robots. The workers need to be on site and use human judgment to confront a lot of the challenges workers routinely face.

As mentioned, construction jobs are not easily outsourced. Often times construction workers work in the same area they live. For this reason, if your child is looking to move, for any reason, there is plenty of opportunities to do so. This is especially true for rapidly growing cities. When a city begins to expand their infrastructure it is a great sign of an improving economy for that area. These cities need construction workers and are willing to pay well for the excellent workers.

Another reason a career in construction can provide security is the retirement of the baby boomers generation. This one may be more common for some other industries but is important to consider when looking at future career options. Baby boomers are beginning to reach the age of retirement, especially in the upper construction management levels. This affects the entire business model. It provides more opportunity for those entering the field as experienced workers move up the ladder.

What’s Available?

Many are unaware of the career opportunities within the construction industry. Potential jobs include construction management, project manager, safety engineer, scheduler, and virtual design. All of these positions have an average salary ranging around the national average salary. Some of these positions do not even require a college degree and executive recruiting firms are working hard to find individuals interested in this field.

Construction can be a fulfilling industry for anyone looking to have security and plenty of job promotion. The field is opening itself up with jobs hoping to attract new workers looking to educate themselves and work hard in the exciting field of construction.

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